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Where can I find pataches / Updates for FSX Photo Sceneries sceneries?

Are FSX Photo Real Sceneries compatiable with FS2004?

Why do I see ground texture flashes on approach to KVNY

I am experiencing OMM or crashes messages after loading KVNY

Where can I find my scenery files and documents?

Due to the large amount of photo imagery textures, base level computer systems may experience decreased performance at higher complexity levels.  If you are experiences OOM messages, we recommend that you try reducing you FSX Scenery complexity levels.  This change usually resolves the "OOM" message for most usurers.  Please review the list of details that is displayed at each scenery complexity level below:



•          Normal                       = Major / Main buildings in each section

•          Dense                          = All airport structures, hangers, and boundary fencing.

•          Very Dense                 = Trees, cones, navigation buildings, and taxi lights.

•          Extremely Dense        = Cars, grass, Navy Trainers, light poles, helicopters


If this issue is not resolved, many users have reported a tweak for FSX that has greatly impacted there FSX performance. If you are an advanced FSX user that is familiar with how to edit your FSX.config file, then you should check for the following tweak.  Check your FSX.config file to see if you have the line “Poolsize= XXXXXXX".   We recommend that you change the Poolsize to "Poolsize=0".  Users have report a significant improvement with photo real imagery scenery once they have changed this line.


For more helpful FSX tips and tweaks, we recommend that you visit this website:  FSX Times


No,   Our scenery files are currently designed for Mircosoft Flight Simumlator X, Flight Simumlator X Steamed Edtion and PrePar3D.



Your scenery doucuments can be found in your Microsoft Flight SImulator X/FSX Photo Real Sceneries/folder.



To enhance the scenery frame rates, the ground polygons and lines are set to draw/display at set distances from the airport.  Ground polygons are set to display at 2 miles out, and the line polygons are set to draw at 1 mile away from the  airport scenery.  This will cause the sceneries' ground textures to suddenly pop up and start to draw for about a half second on approach to the airport.

All patches and scenery updates will be placed under the UPDATES / DOWNLOADS tab. Scenery patches and updates will be Free of charge to uses that have purchased their scenery files..  



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