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KLGA Version 2.0

LaGuardia Airport, NEW YORY, NY

This Photo Real scenery is a complete rebuild for the FSX Default KLGA airport using the latest version of ADE, SBuilderX scenery design tool,

& Google SketchUp. This scenery includes a new Marine Air Terminal A, Terminal B, C & D, Welcome to New York sign, Flushing Meadows–Corona Park

new parking garage, American & Delta Airlines Maintenance buildings, realistic Google Earth buildings, and Photo Real ground textures that give the airport a more realistic feeling.  I constructed this scenery using native FSX textures and imported Google Earth Buildings via Google SketchUp.  I have also added night textures, new Highway signage, parking lot lamps, terminal gate assignments, and several other nice scenery enhancements. The runways and airport aprons are aligned to match Google & Yahoo satellite imagery.

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